Law Firm

Competence and Commitment

Focus on our clients’ needs

Our work as advisors and litigation counsel is focused on the specific interests and needs of our clients. Many of our partners have valuable experience from activities outside their many years of legal practice. This includes work as board members or as employees of companies in a wide range of industries. They are familiar with the specific problems and needs of companies and entrepreneurs. Our depth of experience enables us to provide specialist expertise as well as bespoke, industry-tailored, lasting and client-oriented solutions.

Personal and professional counselling

We cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, an approach appreciated by companies and private individuals alike. This allows us to optimise and tailor our services to the specific concerns and needs of each client. Whether from a partner or a team, personalised service ensures efficient processes, encourages simple and direct channels of communication and strengthens mutual trust.

Legal precision with an eye for the essentials

Our many years of experience, regular continuing education and training and participation in specialist legal practice groups ensure that our services continue to meet the highest standards. Legal precision is at the heart of our work, but it is important not to lose sight of what is essential. We endeavour wherever possible to devise pragmatic solutions for our clients in a focused, cost-efficient manner. As a law firm specialising in commercial matters, RUOSS VÖGELE will provide you with useful, timely results.
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